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Call Millennium Pool Services to schedule an above ground pool deck overlay and be ready to enjoy your pool by spring. Texas summers can be very hot and this can affect the quality of your pool deck. Instead of watching your deck deteriorate let our qualified contractors and pool construction personnel help you build a professional pool deck. Because most people who own pools don’t typically use it in the winter, we concentrate our inground pool deck construction and repair efforts during that time. Looking for downloadable deck plans

  • Travertineabove ground pool deck
  • SGM Cool Deck/ TexRite Nu- Deck
  • Stamp Concrete
  • Overlay
  • Flagstone
  • Pavers
  • Concrete

Above ground pool decks are very popular not to easy to install and require minimal maintenance. As a pool deck contractor Millennium Pool Services has a great approach for building custom pool decks. Ours, shown here, may look complicated, but we employed a few timesaving techniques that greatly simplified the construction process and, in turn, dramatically reduced the amount of work required to complete this project. And best of all, we didn’t have to dig a single hole.

above ground pool deck

Above ground pool deck design

Our above ground pool deck design processes allow for spacious sun decks that provide easy access to the water all while accommodating a table and chairs and a few chaise lounges.

As mentioned earlier, we employed a timesaving deck-building method that didn’t require us to dig postholes or pour concrete footings. It’s called a floating-foundation system. The entire deck is supported by concrete pier blocks that simply sit on the ground.


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